Detroit D5

Detroit DD5

The reliability you want and the efficiency you need.

The DD5 operated daily throughout Alberta, city and rural during January and February 2019 cold snap with no down time. It did not experience any derating. There was ample interior heat – maintained interior temperature of 18C even through outside temperature was -25C.

Detroit D5

Clean Sheet Design to meet current and future emissions standards. Hotter combustion means cleaner burning. The DD5 has been operating in Europe for 5 years.

5 years of Virtual tech free Access. Know what your engine is doing en route. Real time diagnostics from your desktop while the bus is traveling.

  • Simple Turbo for long life
  • 400, 000 Mile B10 Life
  • High Torque at low RPM
  • Improved DEF header design
  • DEF usage cut in half
  • Easy access Oil Filters
  • True Engine Brake available
  • Every engine hot-tested at factory
  • 12 mo/1000 hr service internals
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • Maintenance-free Crankcase Breather
  • Variable Cam Phasing – fewer regens
  • Lower operating cost

This engine was designed for stop and go application typical of school or delivery truck routes.

Go further between fueling, with 800-1000 miles per tank. Lowest fuel consumption with up to 14mpg highway. 5 year / 160,000km engine warranty. 100% parts and labor. And 7 years on the Allison transmission.

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