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Diamond Coach is a commercial shuttle bus manufacturer that has been building beautifully crafted shuttle buses for 35 years. They’re located in Oswego, Kansas. Diamond provides a wide variety of bus solutions, ideally for hotels, senior care, healthcare, tour operators etc. They are considered to be the leader in their space, with a dedication to quality.

The Bus Centre is proud to be a Canadian dealer for Diamond Coach shuttle buses.  Check our inventory; we stock units on either Chevy or Ford chassis, typically with 20 – 24 passenger capacity. Popular options include luggage racks and/or rear cargo. Custom orders are available with a variety of options to choose from including wood-look flooring, USB ports and reading lights to accommodate your passenger’s needs. All models can be optioned with paratransit configurations.

The Diamond Coach Advantage

Diamond’s rust free, impact resistant buses are long lasting and continue to look great even after years of use. These units show their superior build quality and drivers love the smooth, quiet ride. Diamond has also improved their bus aesthetics, giving the driver better visibility and a more aerodynamic design.

Superior Composite Construction

Diamond buses do not fade, and do not need to be repainted – they resist dings, scrapes, bumps and scratches better than metal due to the gel coat exterior. Unlike metal buses that creak with every bump and turn, Diamond’s all composite construction is smooth and quiet. Diamond buses provide superior sound dampening.

No Rust on this Bus

In locations with high amounts of rain, snow, salt, or calcium chloride, rust will commonly develop in the stepwell, wheel wells, and along door frames of metal buses. Because of it’s true composite construction, Diamond buses do not rust and it also enhances insulation properties, making it far easier to cool and heat than a metal bus. A Diamond Coach shuttle is a great choice when needing to move your group.

Shuttle Buses with Rear Luggage

It’s common to require space for parcels, luggage or team sports bags. These handy general-purpose cargo areas are located at the back of the bus with rear door access, and can be sized according to your needs. A functional cargo area may include shelving, boot racks or even vertical ski racks!

A 24 passenger rear-luggage shuttle bus was once one of our more popular ordering options here at The Bus Centre. Recent changes in Canadian transportation legislation mandated 3 point seatbelts for all passenger seats. This style of seat belt does a great job to ensure a passenger is secured and they’re highly effective in preventing or minimizing injuries during accidents. Unlike in a car, where 3-point seatbelts are attached to the frame of the vehicle, attaching seat belts directly to a seat requires them to be reinforced, in turn increasing the weight of seat.

In addition, cargo space must be rated for a set amount of weight per seat, even if it’s empty. This adds to the gross total. When adding in heavier seats and cargo weight ratings, the much desired 24 passenger rear-luggage shuttle bus now exceeds the chassis’ gross weight limit. To continue to offering a rear luggage model, manufacturers have had to reduce the number of seats to stay compliant. Diamond continues to build topnotch shuttle buses with rear luggage compartments, with the added benefit of increased safety for all passengers on the bus.

Great Diamond Coach Luggage Options

If you are looking to maximize passenger seating while still including storage, The Bus Centre has options! Rear luggage buses are available with slightly reduced capacity. Look for our 20 passenger Diamond Coach rear luggage in inventory. Luggage racks and front luggage shelving are all great additions. Diamond Coach also builds buses with convertible spaces, utilizing fold-down seating and cargo netting space dividers to transform your bus to meet the needs for each trip.

Look no further than The Bus Centre for the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. Because we specialize in buses, it’s our priority to stay up to date on manufacturer product availability and any changes that may affect our industry. That’s our service to you, our customer.

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