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For over 100 years, Thomas Built Buses has been a leading manufacturer of school and commercial buses. During their extensive history, Thomas has been recognized for producing safe and reliable buses. Based in High Point, North Carolina, they are building for today and planning for tomorrow by providing proven, sustainable transportation solutions. Thomas Built Buses is a subsidiary of Daimler AG, one of the world’s largest automotive companies. This has allowed them to benefit from Daimler’s global resources and expertise.

Thomas is currently leading innovation in development and manufacture of electric school buses in North America. The emissions-and-fossil-fuel-free electric conventional school bus, aptly named Jouley, is noiselessly making in-roads to traditional gas, propane and diesel markets. This forward thinking will continue to bring about the sustainable solutions our world needs.

A Legacy of Trusted School Buses

In the meantime, let’s not forget the zenith of school buses: the Saf-T-Liner C2. This trusted conventional bus is known for its exceptional driver safety features. The panoramic view windshield, combined with the low sloping hood, low instrument panel and A-pillar windows, makes the C2’s visibility footprint the largest in the type C category. This low emissions diesel gets the job in all climates and conditions and will be in demand for years to come.

Thomas is continuing to bolstering safety and enhancing driver comforts. The move toward in-steering wheel controls, full vehicle external sensors, auto-reversing entry doors is here. It’s a plethora of safety features past generations could only dream of. This tried-and-true workhorse continues to get the job done.

A Bus for Every Route

Thomas offers three classes of school bus to meet a range of transportation needs. Type A, C and D units are available to accommodate a variety of passenger capacities. Paratransit options are available for all types. Buses a manufactured in the following categories:

  • Type A – 12–28 passengers (mini)
  • Type C – 32-71 passenger (conventional school)
  • Type C – 44 passenger (commercial)
  • Type D – 81-82 passenger (forward or rear engine)

We Have What You Need

The Bus Centre is sole supplier of Thomas Built Bus school buses in Alberta and Canadian Northern Territories. We’re able to provide you with a variety of school bus sizes and we stock buses in all categories. Different package levels are available. Check our inventory for what’s currently in stock.

In addition to traditional yellow school buses, Thomas offers a white commercialized version. These beautiful, smooth-walled industrial buses are often used by resource sites like mines or oil field industries. They provide superb functionality and they look distinguished. It’s no surprise that even tour groups and schools recognize the value these buses have for activities and field trips. It has a 44 passenger capacity with coach-style seating and optional rear cargo space. This Thomas commercial unit is built on the safety of a school bus while still appealing to adult comforts. The Bus Centre is proud to be the largest provider of Thomas commercial buses in Canada.

Thomas Built Buses Delivers

The Bus Centre continues to deliver on the reliable and trusted Thomas Built Buses name. For over 100 years, Thomas has been building on their legacy of fine bus products. There’s a lot of proven experience behind the longevity. It’s no surprise we believe we have the right bus to fit your needs.

Long Term Support With Every New Bus

Every new bus from Thomas comes with a solid backing. We’ll continue to support you with in-stock parts and knowledgeable service technicians for years to come. That’s all backed by the assurance of being part of the Daimler Truck North America network with parts distribution centers all across North America.

As part of this solid team, The Bus Centre is your local Alberta Thomas dealer. We offer a full package of support so you can easily and efficiently manage your school bus fleet.

Check our current inventory below, or use our contact page to connect. We look forward to serving you.

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Up to 28 Passengers

Saf-T-Liner® C2

Thomas Built Buses

Up to 71 Passengers

EFX – Forward Engine

Up to 82 Passengers

HDX – Rear Engine

Up to 82 Passengers

Jouley – All Electric

Up to 71 Passengers

Saf-T-Liner® C2 Commercial

Up to 44 Passengers

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