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Safety is Paramount when Travelling with Little Ones

We’re used to tucking our little ones into safety seats from the moment they’re born. Guarding our children is a significant focus when on the road. Daycares have a large responsibility to with the same parental concerns.

Buses are designed to be the safest vehicle on the road. A lot of thought goes into the design and safety features, to ensure the passengers get safely home. The improvements keep coming and there’s always new ideas how to improve safety.

Seatbelts are a safety option that has mixed reviews. Bus seats typically come with 2 belts if they are added at all. But that design doesn’t help when there’s 3 children in the seat.

Flex Seatbelts

Consider The Bus Centre’s new multiple option seatbelt configuration for multi purpose / school buses in the small form factor. Each seat can hold 3 small children or 2 larger kids. The great thing is that the seatbelt system is designed to work for both needs.

Why seatbelts? For starters, small children are less likely to understand they need to stay in their seat and are more likely to move or even stand up. Children have been raised from very young to expect to be secured in a vehicle. There is comfort for the driver knowing that the little ones on board are safely secured while they’re busy driving the bus. Yes, bus seats are years of design and testing to prove they can absorb impact and keep kids safe in the event of an accident. However for very small children, there is additional importance to keep them in their seats at all times. Flex seatbelts add that extra security that a Daycare needs when transporting toddlers and small children.

At The Bus Centre, we love to educateour customers about the standard safety features. Our Thomas Built Buses Minotour bus can be configured with up to 28 passengers so it’s a small package that rides big. School buses are designed with extra safety features like ribbing to give the sides extra strength, safety cage body construction with one-piece skirt-to-skirt roof bows and four-wheel anti-lock brakes. There is no safer daycare vehicle for kids to ride in than a school bus!

Drivers will appreciate the overhead easy-access control panel instead of squeezed on the dash. Buttons are clearly marked and color coded so drivers can keep their eyes on the road instead of searching for the right button.

Drive away confidently knowing that your daycare bus will get the job done to transport our smallest citizens in a safe, secure ride.

Ensure Child Safety with a Trusted Vehicle

Our vehicles carry a big responsibility. They must safely transport high-value cargo – your children– to their destination each day without fail. Whether it’s to school or on a daycare outing, there’s never a time to take shortcuts with bus design.

Our all-steel buses are designed for maximum safety, dependability, and efficiency. They also come fully equipped with top-of-the-line mechanical features to ensure a seamless ride through and through.

No Worry Service

Built on a Chev chassis, these gas fueled units are easy to maintain and with minimal maintenance requirements and regular servicing, will give a reliable ride for years to come. Truly a great choice.

Your Expert Technicians

Know that when you purchase a bus from The Bus Centre, you are getting a team of experts to support you along the way. From parts to service, we know buses because that’s all we do. You’ll get second to none care should you need it because it’s our goal to keep you moving. And we understand that your cargo is precious!

The Service You Want

Our team’s commitment to continued excellence means that you can rely on us for a professional and honest experience that will never leave you guessing. Expect 100% transparency when it comes to the diagnosis, maintenance, and servicing of your vehicle.

Safely There with The Bus Centre

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