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Getting from point A to point B should never be a stressful experience and the reliability of your vehicle should never come into question.

At The Bus Centre, we know how important it is to have a dependable ride that will get your employees to the destination without a hitch. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of top-notch buses to fit your crew’s needs. You can rest assured that you’ll be cruising in a vehicle with state-of-the-art technology, top-grade safety features, and superior comfort that will stand the test of time.

Features of an Industrial Site Bus

For long and short haul rides, you want transport that is going to offer you safety, comfort, and dependability no matter where the road takes you. With seating for up to 44 passengers, our buses are designed with high-grade features that ensure top performance for every leg of the journey.

All Steel Construction

Have full confidence that you are riding in a vehicle that is built to stand everything from the roughest terrains to the harshest weather. 

Transit Tinted Windows

Every ride will come complete with privacy, style, and sun protection as you travel to your final destination.

Air Ride Suspension

Enjoy a smooth, consistent ride the whole way through. Top-notch air ride suspension provides comfort and stability no matter how rough the terrain might get.

Air Disc Brakes

Stable and uniform braking ensures the highest level of safety when it comes to needing to make a quick stop. This optimized braking system is longer-lasting than traditional drum brakes. They also require significantly less maintenance, making them the safer and efficient choice.

4-Wheel Drive

Plow through any difficult terrain with precision and control. 4-wheel drive gives you the highest level of maneuverability when it comes to snow, ice, rocks, and any other variable condition that may reduce traction on the road.

Collision Avoidance Systems

Road safety experts have calculated that accident prevention systems have the potential to reduce fatal crashes by 30% and injury crashes by 40%. With state-of-the-art collision systems coming standard on our vehicles, you can feel safe knowing that you have an extra layer of protection while driving.

The Passenger Advantage

We know how important comfort is when it comes to long-haul and short-haul routes, which is why our buses can be equipped with elite features to make every trip relaxing and enjoyable.

Overhead, Rear and Underfloor Storage Options

Ample storage areas ensure that your team is never sacrificing comfort for space. A well-designed bus gives you both – and that’s exactly what our models provide. Rear storage is a popular feature; common design includes a boot room with multiple shelves and rear entry access. Workers will appreciate a place to put their gear instead of carrying it on their laps.

Multiple Flooring Options

When you need a floor that is as tough as your team, we have multiple flooring alternatives that can handle the boot traffic.

Coach-Style Luxury Seating

At the end of a busy work day, there’s nothing better than unwinding in a comfortable coach seat for the ride home. Relax in leathermate, easy-clean seats that offer easy adjustability, ample leg room, and 3-point seatbelts for maximum comfort and safety.

Air Conditioning and Radiant Heating

Quiet, adjustable airflow keeps your space climate controlled from start to finish, regardless of the weather outside.

Wi-Fi Availability

Stay connected as you travel with vehicles that offer user-friendly and accessible Wi-Fi for all your mobile devices.

USB ports

Everyone appreciates the ability to top-up their devices while traveling. Charge on the go with easy accessible ports at every seat.

The Bus Centre Promise

We understand how important it is to get your crew to the jobsite in a safe, comfortable, and convenient manner. Our industrial site transport options ensure that you’re never sacrificing on the features that provide the optimal work-travel experience.

Our commitment to continued excellence means that we’re there at all legs of your journey.


Our vehicles transport high-value cargo – your crew – which is why we place the highest value on providing secure, reliable vehicles. We are always happy to discuss any safety concerns or potential modifications as you navigate the purchase of your bus. You can expect 100% honesty and transparency from our seasoned team of experts.


Though our vehicles are top-shelf when it comes to longevity, repairs or upgrades can be expected for the working bus. Wear and tear, unfortunately, is unavoidable even with proper maintenance. The Bus Centre carries the largest bus parts inventory in Western Canada so we have a wide array of parts for all the vehicles that we sell.


While most industrial buses are located at too great a distance for servicing at our shop, we still provide elite phone diagnostics and support. If something is not quite right with your bus, know that we are always here to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. Our in-house mechanics and technicians specialize in bus repairs. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that a prompt fix is never far away.

Look No Further, The Bus Centre is Your One Spot Shop

No matter where you are in your buyer’s journey, our team of specialists is ready to help guide you towards the best path for your specific needs. If you’re ready to invest in an industrial bus, or would like more information, please contact us. From purchases to parts, we have you covered.

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