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Great Things in Small Packages

How many kids does it take to fill a mini school bus? That might sound like the beginning to a great joke but the truth is that mini school buses have a variety of capacity configurations with up to 34 passengers. That’s still a lot of children! At The Bus Centre, our optimum ordering size is 24 to 28 passengers, less if paratransit equipped. Let us help create a configuration to meet your needs.

Mini school buses, otherwise known as Type A buses, are incredibly adaptable units. Much more maneuverable than their larger full sized cousins, they still include all the safety features you have come to expect from this safety conscious industry. After all, you are carrying a most precious cargo – our children.

Innovative Engineering

Rugged engineering goes into the development of a bus. A mini bus needs to have full sized bus strength with safety cage construction. Years of experience have made buses the safest vehicle on the road. They’re equipped with rollover protection using one piece skirt to skirt roof bows. Safety body rails and 4 wheel anti-lock brakes are standard equipment. A lot of thoughtful planning has gone into creating the buses we have today.

There are plenty of seating options in a mini bus. Traditional bench seat are made to fit 3 smaller children or 2 larger ones. Add in seat belts: 3 point harnesses, integrated child belts or new flex seatbelts which can provide comfortable security for 1 to 3 children. Coach seating is available in a custom order. Even without seatbelts, benches have a proven compartmental design to keep kids safe in the event of a collision.

Mini school buses can also be equipped with a Braun wheelchair lift to support those with accessibility needs. There’s plenty of headroom to work in while securing the wheelchair.

Mini Buses at the Head of the Class

These maneuverable units are packed with safety features and comforts that support the driver and passengers. Air conditioning, remote control/heated mirrors and a rearview backup camera add that extra assurance while driving. The overhead control panel is easily accessible and the buttons are color coded too so it’s easy to quickly find the one you’re looking for.

Things that may not be as noticeable are the bus’s galvanized steel construction. Corrosion protection helps to protect your investment and keep your bus from unnecessary repairs.

Mini buses are designed for maximum safety, dependability, and efficiency. They also come fully equipped with top-of-the-line mechanical features to ensure an uneventful ride every day.

Made to Last

Mini buses are a long-term investment and it’s important to safeguard your purchase. Know that your can access great customer support at The Bus Centre should you need it. We have dedicated bus technicians that focus solely on buses. Vehicles have become more complex to maintain and it’s more than just tightening a bolt. Our mechanics understand sensor and wiring issues and are able to walk you through many basic adjustments.

Need a part? Just check in with our parts department. Chances are we’ll have it in stock as we carry the largest inventory in Western Canada. We’ll do our best to get you the part needed as quickly as possible because we understand how important it is to limit downtime. We ship Canada wide.

Peace of Mind Driving

Your bus goes to school and back twice a day, and sometimes more! As important as all those manufacturer design considerations are, a good maintenance plan can go a long way to keep your bus running for years to come. Catching a small issue at the start will help prevent a larger issue later. At The Bus Centre, we’re all ears when you mention an odd sound. We diagnose and fix – it’s what we do best.

Dedicated Customer Support

If you’re not sure what kind of bus you need, or have any other questions about buses, give us a call. Our sales team can ask the right questions to help you get a bus that fits for your road conditions, weather or other applications. While most customers benefit from purchasing one of our stock units, we can also design a bus to meet your custom requirements. We’re a standalone bus dealership so we’re committed to excellence from sales to support.

Great things come in small packages. Consider The Bus Centre when looking for your next mini bus!

Mini Means More, Not Less

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