The Bus Centre is proudly


The Bus Centre achieved Platinum Support certification in 2018. This extensive program touched all aspects of the dealership, from cleanliness, safety, processes to standards and training. We’ve raised the bar to be an efficient, effective bus dealership.

Drop by our dealership and you’ll see the difference the Platinum Support program has made. We’re proud to offer our customers a tour of our facilities and showcase our polished service bays, organized inventory, welcoming lobby and more. We take pride in how effective our parts and service departments are, resulting in quick, accurate support for our customers.

This is not a one-time program. We strive for excellence at all levels, always. It’s done by developing a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. How does this benefit you? Evaluating our processes, finding ways to be more efficient in our tasks and eliminate waste is going to benefit your bottom line and ensure you great, dependable service..


Our Partners

Choice vendors that put the best products in your hands. Preferred partnerships that give you cost effective options and result in savings to keep you on the road.

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