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Buses are available in a variety of sizes and types. Your needs will vary depending on whether you’re transporting adults or children, paratransit, 8 passenger to 28, and school or commercial application. Where a large bus may feel daunting to drive, a short bus is similar to a car or truck so that anyone can be comfortable driving one.

Short Bus Sales for Transporting Children

Short buses are great for taking a small number of kids to school or out on field trips. They are well suited for daycares and longer school runs where children live further apart. Built on a Chevy chassis, the Thomas Built Buses Minotour is easy to drive, easy to park, has a shorter wheelbase for tighter turns and still meets all the safety standards you would expect for a short school bus. Collins also offers a smaller bus that provides the amenities you’ll need to transport a smaller group.

For younger children, consider adding flex seatbelts on every seat which can secure 1 to 3 persons in the seat. Buses already have protection built into the seats with the concept of compartmentalization however for small wiggly tots, seatbelts help to keep them safe in their seats. It’s a comfort for the driver knowing that children are properly secured.

The short school bus comes with extra safety features like ribbing to give the sides extra strength, safety cage body construction with one-piece skirt-to-skirt roof bows and four-wheel anti-lock brakes. The easy-access control panel is well placed overhead so a driver can stay focused on the road instead of searching for a button. Color coding makes the main features stand out. There’s a reason buses are the safest vehicle on the road as a lot of thoughtful design and testing has gone into producing the best short bus on the road.

Adult Comforts in a Small Bus

Transporting adults prefer the comfort of a commercial shuttle bus. Shuttles also come in a range of sizes however there are smaller commercial buses that are a perfect fit for transporting a smaller group of adults and seniors. Heading to the airport, hotel, adult function, senior lodge or health care support, we recommend a Starcraft or Diamond Coach branded shorter shuttle bus to meet your needs.

Shuttles include features like back up cameras, coach seating, arm rests, 3 point seatbelts with easy-wipe leatherette seat covers. These buses are designed with air conditioning to keep the interior cool on hot days, and heaters for the cold ones. Climate controlled trips ensure your passengers stay comfortable for the duration of the ride.

Short Bus Sales Options

Safety yellow grab handles on the seats allow passengers to be supported as they move through the bus. Other options like USB ports, overhead luggage or rear luggage/cargo give diverse options to the usability of the bus. Shuttles can be built with less passenger seating but common capacity is 20-24 for the optimum passenger carriage.

Built with either a fully welded steel cage or impact-resistant composite, these units are built to be durable. Add in fabric ceilings and sidewalls and it’s a quiet smooth ride. Adults appreciate the coach-style seating that provides comfort as well as safety with 3 point seatbelts throughout.

At The Bus Centre, we love to help our customers get the right small bus for their needs. Drive away confident that you made the right choice that will get the job done.

Small Bus Safety Conscious

Our vehicles carry a big responsibility. They must safely transport high-value cargo – your passengers– to their destination each trip without fail. Whether it’s to school or an adult outing, there’s never a time to take shortcuts with bus design.

Our buses are designed for maximum safety, dependability, and efficiency. They also come fully equipped with top-of-the-line mechanical features to ensure a seamless ride through and through.

No Worry Service

Short buses are expected to drive a lot of miles so maintenance and servicing should be considered as part of the long term purchase. With the manufacturers warranty and a good preventative maintenance plan, it’s possible to catch small issues early. At The Bus Centre, we can assist with expert diagnoses, servicing and parts replacement. Our experienced team is at your service!

Your Expert Teams

If you have questions about buses, we’re happy to help you get the information you need. Our sales team understands busing, from the smallest options to large customizations. You’ll get a professional assessment every time because we’re uniquely focused to understand the bus world. Are you interested in an electric bus? Call us to learn about battery technology and find out what advancements are being made.

We have knowledgeable teams in both our parts and service departments so if you have questions, we’re happy to assist. It’s important to know that you can get timely support when you need it and that parts will be in stock. We carry the largest inventory in Western Canada so there’s little delay when you need to keep your bus moving.

The Service You Want

Our team’s commitment to continued excellence means that you can rely on us for a professional and honest experience that will never leave you guessing. Expect 100% transparency when it comes to the diagnosis, maintenance, and servicing of your vehicle.

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