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When you make a purchase from The Bus Centre, you’re getting our promise of continued excellence and experience. We understand how important it is to have a safe and dependable vehicle that will get your passengers where they need to be. Our shuttle buses are customizable to your needs for a smooth and comfortable ride every time.

BC’s Shuttle Bus Advantage

Shuttle buses can comfortably seat up to 32 passengers. Customer shuttle favorites are 24 passengers with overhead luggage and 20 passengers with rear luggage. However, there is a much wider range of configurations. Paratransit wheelchair options can be combined with flip seating for customizable space for maximum usage. Check out our Startcraft and Diamond Coach pages for more detailed options. For those that need to move even larger groups, look at our 44 passenger commercial white school bus with coach-style seating.

Our buses combine safety, luxury and reliability for the perfect ride, no matter where the road takes you. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and safety features, your passengers will feel like they’re getting a warm and professional experience every time.

Overhead, Rear and Interior Storage

Ample storage areas ensure that your passengers are never left asking where the leg room went. Overhead, interior and customizable rear storage will ensure you never run short on space for bags and equipment.

Multiple Flooring Options

Aesthetics and durability are vital, and we offer multiple tread-resistant flooring alternatives that are customizable to your tastes. Give your bus an executive feel by adding in wood-look flooring.

A Range of Fuel Types

As for fuel options, gasoline and diesel are still the primary choices however electric is now available in a commercial white school bus and more options are on the horizon. Check in with us to get up-to-date information on current trends.

Customizable Material for Seating

We offer a range of stain-resistant and easy to clean materials so that your seats can stay looking as good as the day you first got them. Plush cloth seating or easy-wipe Leathermate coverings – the choice is yours.

Driver Comforts

Easy adjustability allows your driver to experience the best in comfort and guarantees their focus is where it needs to be – on the road ahead. Even a well-place cup holder can may the drive better.

Provide an extra layer of safety for your driver by ensuring they never have to worry about an obscured view or what might pop up behind them. A backup camera and alarm are essential safety items.

Shuttle Your Customers in Complete Comfort

Even a short journey can be unsatisfying with a vehicle that lacks the basic comforts. The Bus Centre shuttles come equipped with elite features that ensure a relaxing journey for the passengers in your care.

Comfortable Seating

Passengers can relax in seats that offer easy adjustability, generous leg room and aisle-side armrests. They’ll love the seats that are firm enough to support but soft enough that they won’t notice the bumps on the road.

Grab Handles, Armrests, and Footrests

One key aspect of safety is the loading/unloading of passengers, achieved by giving them safety handles to use as they move through the bus. Bright yellow, easy-to-grab handles give stability to those who may need extra assistance.

Safety also includes passenger protection while the unit is in motion. 3 point seatbelts are now standard in every shuttle bus. Other features to count on include backup camera and alarm, and a solid body bus construction to help keep your passengers safe.

Air Conditioning and Radiant Heating

BC weather can be unpredictable. Your vehicle will come equipped with quiet airflow options that will keep the cabin temperature suitable no matter what’s going on outside.

USB and Power Ports

Your passengers will appreciate the ability to charge their devices while they travel. Stay connected with easily accessible charging ports at every seat.

Expect Excellence at Every Turn with The Bus Centre

Your customers expect excellence and so do we. We understand how important it is to get your passengers to their destination in a safe, comfortable, and convenient manner.

Our commitment to continued excellence means that you can expect us to be a part of your shuttle journey from beginning to end. We are BC’s trusted choice for safety, dependability, and experience in all things ‘bus’. You can rely on us to be there for you when the time comes.


Our shuttles are built to handle the extreme Canadian climate and variable road conditions. We know that your passengers are, and always will be, your top priority.

One aspect of safety is the safe loading/unloading of passengers, achieved by giving them safety handles to use as they move through the bus. These bright yellow handles provide extra stability for those who may have mobility difficulties.

Safety also includes passenger protection while the unit is in motion. 3 point seatbelts are now standard in every shuttle bus. Other features to expect and rely on include backup alarms and a solid body construction to help keep your passengers safe.


Though our vehicles are elite when it comes to their road life, regular service checks are a part of responsible vehicle ownership and wear and tear is an unavoidable by-product of running a vehicle. When life happens and you find yourself needing a replacement part or repair, give us a call. It’s not just our shuttles that are reliable – we are too!


Our bus specialists and technicians are incredibly knowledgeable with years of hands-on experience and continuing education under their belts. A purchase from The Bus Centre is a promise that you will have ongoing support from our team of professionals.

Find Out Why We’re BC’s Leader in Shuttle Bus Sales

Whether you’re just getting started or are already well-established in the industry, our team of bus enthusiasts are ready to get you to where you want to be. If you’re ready to invest in a shuttle bus, would like more information, or are thinking about customizing a bus, click the button below. Our team would love to connect with you!

From purchases to support, trust The Bus Centre to get you on the road to success.

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