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When it comes to your shuttle bus needs, don’t settle for anything less than a smooth and efficient ride. Thoughtfully crafted, a vehicle from The Bus Centre is a guarantee that your passengers will travel in style without compromising on comfort, making every journey a pleasant experience. As a standalone bus dealership, we have years of experience in the transportation industry and we understand how important it is for every voyage to be a safe one. Our Starcraft buses are a dependable choice for commuters, tourists, and travelers alike, setting a benchmark for excellence in shuttle bus transportation.

The Preferred Shuttle Transportation

No matter how many miles you need to travel, our buses are built to go the distance. Reliability and safety are non-negotiables that come standard in every model of our first class shuttles. A comfortable driver is a fundamental aspect to ensure safe and efficient transportation. By providing key technological aids, focus is enhanced which fosters a great driving experience.  We want you to drive with confidence, providing your passengers with a dependable ride that will get them from point A to point B safely and comfortably every time.

Convertible Capacity

Depending on the make and model, our shuttle buses can comfortably seat up to 32 passengers, including those that require wheelchair accessible seating. Multiple wheelchair positions plus convertible seating provides a flexible design to accommodate a variety of passenger needs.

Relax in Comfort

Both your driver and passengers can relax in seats that offer easy adjustability, ample leg room, and 3-point safety seatbelts. Grab handles, arm rests, and footrests are options for ultimate rider comfort at any leg of their journey. Power driver seating, a backup in-mirror camera, and heated side-mirrors are provided to the driver to ensure complete viewability and comfort.

Plentiful Storage Compartments

It’s important to have adequate space to accommodate luggage, bags and boxes. Ceiling mount luggage racks have sufficient room to store coats and bags out of the seating area which ensures that there’s plenty of room to sit. For larger storage needs, consider rear luggage cargo space with an easy access door to hold hockey gear, luggage or larger cargo. With plenty of room available in the rear, interior stands, and ceiling mount storage racks, you’ll be able to provide what your ridership needs. Store all bags and equipment safely out of the way and still have plenty of leg room for everyone to sit comfortably.

Precision Temperature Regulation

With no-noise air conditioning and plentiful heating included in every bus, your passengers will be cozy from start to finish of your trip.

Drive Excellence with Custom Shuttle Features

Here at The Bus Centre, we recognize that your shuttle is often your customer’s first tangible experience with your business. This is even more reason for your bus to be just as enjoyable and memorable as you are!

Provide a luxury passenger experience by custom tailoring your Starcraft shuttle with these elite features.

Customizable Interior Materials

Fabric walls and ceiling are a great choice to reduce travel noise. We also offer a range of stain and wear resistant seating materials for maximum comfort and minimal maintenance. Modify your flooring for a look that fits your company’s unique style while also offering top levels of durability.

Entertainment Options

Nothing makes a long trip go by faster than built in theatre technology. Elevate the enjoyment factor of any trip by offering overhead TV options, as well as USB ports and power stations at every seat to keep everyone connected.

Premium Lighting

We know it’s important that your passengers are never left in the dark. LED lighting on floors and ceilings ensures safe maneuverability for all your riders. LED Lighting at every seat provides the ability for your passengers to comfortably read without eye strain.

Your Preferred Fuel Type

While most shuttle buses today are gas powered, more options are becoming available. Today’s diesel vehicles have come a long way in being ecologically sound. And the push toward electric powered buses are seeing changes that are transforming the busing industry. Cost effective options are available and it’s important to get the latest information on advancements in fuel technologies. 

The Shuttle Bus Experience You Can Have Confidence In

Purchase confidence is built upon a foundation of experience, reliability, safety measures, and transparent communication. Our long-standing drive towards customer care ensures that you can expect excellence at every stage of your journey. No matter where you are, or what you need, know that The Bus Centre is here for you.

Regular service checks by our experienced technicians can prevent larger issues from developing and enhance the longevity of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, life will inevitably incur difficulties. Parts break, systems wear out and accidents occur.

If you find yourself wondering how to tackle the problem at hand and don’t know what the next step is, give us a call. Our team of bus experts are happy to assist you, offering over-the-phone consults as well as in-person service diagnostics.

Our specialists and technicians are exceedingly knowledgeable, linking years of hands-on experience with continuing education to be up on all the latest vehicle technology.

Whether you need a part, a repair, or an upgrade, have full confidence that a solution is a close as a phone call.

Saskatchewan’s Trusted Choice in Shuttle Bus Sales

A Starcraft bus purchase from The Bus Centre in a promise of continuous safety, dependability, and durability that goes with you long after you drive the bus the first time. We are Saskatchewan’s trusted choice when it comes to all things ‘buses’, offering a diverse array of products or services all in a single location.

Whether you’re ready to make a purchase, need more information about our selection of buses, or have questions regarding any of the information provided here, our team is ready and excited to connect with you!

From everyday essentials to specialized parts or services, we cater to you, providing a one-point destination where you can access an extensive range of offerings. Make The Bus Centre your preferred choice for the best shuttle bus purchase experience.

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