Versatility in a Compact Package


Van conversions have a specific focus in mind that often include mobility needs. It’s possible to transport 2 wheelchairs and passengers in a compact vehicle and still have the ability to comfortable drive in smaller spaces. Built on a Ram ProMaster or Transit 350, these value-added units are price competitive and will give you the basics you need with the ability to option it up. Flexible interiors provide a surprising amount of floor plan layouts. Van conversions are highly maneuverable, low profile transit options that provide a more intimate environment.

Depending on your application, choose from side or rear entry wheelchair lift for preferred accessibility. Flooring considerations include easy-clean vinyl to top notch wood grain flooring. Medium-high roof options provide convenient access to complete van interior. If you need to be able to move a smaller group of passengers in a comfortable manner, consider a van conversion.

If you’re looking for an affordable ambulance or patient transfer, look no further than the Canadian made Malley Crossover. Bariatric capable, surprisingly spacious and carefully thought out to emphasize better access to compartments. Strategically located, easy to access equipment is housed in the spacious contoured interior to give medical staff room to work. Interior space in a van conversion is comparable to more expensive modular ambulances. Malley Crossovers have best-in-class load carrying capacity that enhances patient safety and comfort. Lighter than traditional ambulances, the Crossover lowers cost of ownership in part through superior fuel efficiency.

And they meet the highest level of Ambulance Standards in North America.

Advantages of this bus type:
  • Number of passengers
  • Ram Promaster or Ford Transit 250
  • Wheelchair lift and securement systems
  • Backup camera
  • Non-slip flooring
  • High backed seats
  • Grab rails
  • Floor heaters
  • Safety package
  • Backup alarm
  • Mood lighting
  • USB ports
  • Video systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Foldaway seating
Van Conversion Interior
Van Conversion Interior

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Van Conversion Interior
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